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IT outsourcing in Moldova

If you are looking for a team willing to provide the best people for your challenging tasks, then we are looking for you too. Most of our projects started by tackling unexplored customer problems and ended up being unique implementations in our region.

We provide our clients with highly skilled software development and engineering resources at all levels: from IT audit and analytics, through development and project management, to testing, training, maintenance and support. We comply with best practices, holding over 700 certifications, including in quality management and information security according to ISO standards.

When you partner with DAAC System Integrator, you partner with years of experience in ambitious and unique projects with solid references from internationally recognized organizations.


We have the ability to rapidly scale up teams to tackle missions of varying complexity. A positive track record of retaining and growing talent speaks to the productivity and continuity of our team.

Deep engineering expertise in


Understanding the Client’s needs is fundamental to the success of the project. We have dedicated consultants who work with our clients to correctly define the required results and monitor the entire path to achieving them.

Our team has developed from scratch projects without equal in our country, such as:

Creation of a universal information platform for the completion, transmission and processing of reports submitted by economic agents to central public authorities.

Ensuring control of infectious diseases and epidemiological situation in the Republic of Moldova.

Ensuring the management of the taxpayer’s current account by the State Tax Service and monitoring the relationship with the state budget by taxpayers.

Possibility of online application or cancellation of seizure/restrictions on real estate. Reducing the risk of property fraud.

Record of domestic animals (animal ID). Traceability of the animal throughout its life cycle with precise determination of the owner. Animal health control and veterinary measures.

Centralized maintenance of criminal record data, criminal files and persons, who have committed crimes, other operational documentation information.

More than 70,000 active users operate in our developed systems. We provide daily support for every system developed by our team.

we offer a complete digital TV experience, including several interactive features such as multiscreen.

the most reliable data centre in Moldova, which has the honour of hosting Google.

allows 600 concurrent requests to be processed simultaneously via phone, chat, email, fax or social networks.

include 24/7 monitoring and advanced physical security.

Explore more about our engineering skills

We offer software development

Complex tasks, turnkey approach.

Send us your specifications. We analyse it and define the detailed technical requirements. Once approved, we allocate the necessary specialists and deliver on time. Receive a tested solution on agreed support terms (go4-24/7).

Execution of specific tasks.

Formulate particular missions. We develop them according to agreed standards. You know exactly what you’re getting.

We offer technical support

Local services (Moldova and surroundings)

We can take care of your global customers in exactly the way they expect us to. Our Service Desk is fully based on ITIL standards. Ask for our references, our clients and partners will be happy to call you and share their experience with our company.

Remote services (Planet Earth)

Our technical services team is made up of highly skilled people, as well as people of all kinds. We can manage:

  • monitoring and configuration of network equipment and transfer channels (data/voice/video – CCIE in da house)
  • management of data processing, storage and archiving systems, their system software and the entire infrastructure (your data is as secure as ISO 27001 wants it to be)
  • 24/7 monitoring & analysis of real-time system event logs, including ATM network, billing systems and other critical systems 24/7 (Red Bull rocks!)
  • Penetration tests (and similar sabotage actions)

Conf-calls, presentations, references, site visits? You are welcome! It would be better to ask us directly for a demonstration task, we will execute it for free.


Alexei Sychi

Vice President of the National Social Insurance Office

Alexei Sychi

“The DAAC System Integrator team is made up of highly trained professionals and has all the necessary capabilities to carry out complex projects. The professionalism of the staff, perseverance, motivation and responsibility in the execution of the proposed tasks certify us for the continuation of future collaboration with this company.”

Ana Coretchi

Soros Foundation Program Director

Ana Coretchi

“We are very satisfied with the performance of the company’s specialists and recommend DAAC System Integrator as a reliable IT partner in the modernization of the educational system in Moldova.”

Anatol Cretu

Director Information Systems Premier Energy

Anatol Cretu

“Thanks to the professionalism of the DAAC System Integrator S.R.L. team, I.C.S. “Premier Energy Distribution” S.A. has a reliable and secure information infrastructure, based on Cisco solutions, which allows both saving financial resources and optimal time directed to ensure the continuous operation of the business, as well as ensuring information security.”

Evan Tracz

Country Director Irex / Programme Director Novateca

Evan Tracz

“DAAC System Integrator has proven to be a reliable and customer-focused partner with the ability and expertise to turn the challenge of staffing the library into a smooth, routine process.”

Sergiu Cazac

Moldtelecom Business Development Director

Sergiu Cazac

“DAAC System Integrator offers a very efficient service in the telecommunications field, and the results achieved satisfy both the end users and the management of our company.”

Simion Botnari

Director of the Public Procurement Agency

Simion Botnari

“The company’s experts, involved in the realization of complex IT projects, have demonstrated high competence in the development of the State Procurement Register, a system designed to automate the tendering process carried out by public organizations. The company’s management demonstrates the ability to organize and plan the implementation process, solve and achieve all the objectives set in the proposed project.”