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Customer flow management system

a new generation of solutions

Customer flow management

Rows are one of the factors that reduce the loyalty of your customers. In addition, they lead to a decrease in the efficiency of company employees.

We offer a new generation of Earlyone solutions for customer flow management.

Where it is used

Manage your most important resource efficiently – your time!

Our software manages the movement of customers based on its customised logic, making the work of service staff simpler, more transparent, efficient and controllable.

Advantages of Earlyone

The solution does not depend on equipment and does not require special installation or upfront payments.

Mobile app

The customer can pre-book their place in the queue and receive the service at the selected time without waiting.

Remote support

If necessary, our professionals will provide you with the necessary remote support at any time.

Staff rotation

Earlyone allows you to distribute your staff across departments without the need for additional facilities.

Integration into your ecosystem

Use the API to integrate with CRM or other software solutions

How it works

Earlyone improves the customer experience today

In the mobile app the customer

1. Choose your company

2. Nearby branch

3. Service required

4. Desired time

5. Get the optimal time offer

6. Ready!

If you are late, there is the option to postpone your ticket.

The customer is notified when it is his turn.

Steps taken by the customer after registering via the mobile app or website

The customer activates the e-ticket using the terminal

The customer is called by the operator at the agreed check-in time

Online monitoring for all branches

Allows company managers to control the entire service process throughout the working day:

  • view the workload of subsidiaries
  • receiving notifications of service infringements
  • daily monitoring of individual employee performance

Realized projects

Organizations we have helped to reach a new level of customer engagement