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Data protection

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In today’s world, where data is the foundation of innovation and growth, data protection is becoming essential to the success of every organisation. DAAC digital, Partner Platinum Dell Technologies, has been dedicated for over two decades to providing advanced solutions that protect this valuable asset.

Dell PowerProtect DD – Advanced Protection and Superior Performance

Discover Dell PowerProtect DD (Data Domain), a robust backup and security solution that protects your business data from today’s dynamic digital threats. Built to address the specific challenges of data diversity and complexity in multi-cloud environments, PowerProtect DD enables you to efficiently and centrally manage data, no matter where it resides – either in the cloud or on-premises infrastructure. The product stands out for its ability to adapt to the specific requirements of your business, offering advanced protection, unprecedented scalability and superior performance.

With PowerProtect DD, you benefit from backup speeds of up to 94 TB per hour and efficient data deduplication averaging 65x, optimizing storage space and reducing operational costs. So PowerProtect DD is not just a data protection solution, it’s a strategic ally that ensures the integrity and constant availability of your business-critical data. Arm your organisation with a security shield that not only protects, but adds value every day.

Keep exploring to learn more about the technical specifications and compelling benefits of using Dell PowerProtect DD in your infrastructure.

Technical Specifications Dell PowerProtect DD

All these specifications are designed to give you not just a backup and data protection solution, but a technology partnership that supports business continuity and innovation. PowerProtect DD gives you the technology you need to quickly adapt to today’s dynamic business environment and ensure your data remains your most valuable and protected asset.

Benefits of Dell PowerProtect DD

  • Maximum Data Storage Efficiency: PowerProtect DD optimizes storage through superior deduplication, reaching up to 65:1, which significantly reduces storage requirements and therefore costs.

  • Flexibility and Broad Compatibility: With support for a wide range of third-party software, PowerProtect DD enables seamless integration into any existing IT environment and ensures excellent interoperability.

  • Reliability and Security: Offering RAID 6 and constant data verification, PowerProtect DD ensures the integrity of your data from the time of transfer to disposal, including self-recovery of data from metadata.

  • DDD Operating System (DDOS): A smart platform that guarantees flexibility, security and reliability, providing a leading-edge, fast and scalable storage system with multi-cloud protection.

  • DD Boost: This innovative functionality speeds up the backup process by reducing the bandwidth required and sending only single segments of data, streamlining the entire process.

  • Protection Against Unauthorized Changes: PowerProtect DD can keep data immune to deletion or modification, even if these actions are initiated by system administrators or security officers.

  • Cyber Recovery: The solution proposes to create a “digital bunker” to ensure cyber recovery, protecting data even in the most extreme cyber attack scenarios.

These benefits underscore Dell PowerProtect DD’s commitment to innovation and advanced data protection, giving customers confidence that the solution can meet the complex and ever-changing demands of today’s IT landscape.

As technology evolves, the need for superior data protection also becomes imperative. To ensure you are equipped with the most advanced solutions, our team is ready to guide you to the right choice. Leave us your contact details and a DAAC Digital expert will contact you to discuss how Dell PowerProtect DD can address the specifics and unique challenges of your business.


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