Smart Administration

Maximizes the technical efficiency of the enterprise

Having successfully worked on “smart” or “intelligent” systems projects of various levels and purposes, the DAAC digital team has come to a consensus that this is very much like “information systems management”, with the task of monitoring, ensuring the proper functioning, security and optimising the use of resources.

Resources can be smart things and what they manage. Here, smart government projects are complex based on IoT technology and various sensors and control devices, including software. A smart office system, for example, is a combination of all possible automation and control devices that can work together with various equipment in office buildings or production facilities. In industry, automation is used simultaneously with robotics and additive systems, as well as the use of special software, lasers and all sorts of multi-functional machines, often controlled by artificial intelligence.

Introducing such technologies into production maximises the technical efficiency of the plant, including through careful planning and continuous monitoring of all processes. Intelligent systems allow the automation of an industrial plant, creating a unified system of data exchange between different machines in real time.

It is also possible, in the case of big data, to use artificial intelligence to automatically make adjustments to the production process, to react quickly to any events and changes, and to adapt to changing conditions and user requirements.

Smart management becomes even more important for application in smart city and smart environment (i.e. ambient) projects. Here you can achieve an effect that cannot be achieved in any other way because of the large number of objects, events and other sources of information.

DAAC digital has established successful partnerships with a number of the world’s leading manufacturers of intelligent systems and solutions such as Cisco, Multitech, Swarco, nTech, etc., acting as a partner in systems integration, software development and technical support services.