Control Room

Monitoring, Analysis and Management of Data and Events

The solution from DAAC digital

Control Room – is a high-tech management center, usually designed to monitor and analyze data and events related to the organization’s operations and security.

Applying skills, engineering expertise and product/technology experience from the world’s leading manufacturers, the international DAAC digital team defines the organisation’s requirements for customers, creates the technology solution concept, carries out the technical design and, in fact, after the approved project, fully implements it through to integration tasks, commissioning, training and technical/consultative support.

What goes into the functions of the Control Room

How to Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technologies in Control Room

Artificial intelligence systems play a crucial role in the Control Room of banks and other organisations, improving monitoring, analysis and response to various events and threats

  • Anomaly and Fraud Detection

    AI has the ability to analyse millions of transactions and trades in real time to identify abnormal patterns that may indicate fraud or error. This allows organisations to take action faster and reduce losses.

  • Trend Forecasting

    AI can be used to analyse data and predict trends in financial markets and other areas, as well as the economy. It helps organisations adapt to change and make strategic decisions.

  • Automated Monitoring

    AI systems can automatically monitor network activity and security events, alerting operators to potential threats or malfunctions.

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)

    NLP algorithms enable AI to analyse and understand textual information, including news, reports and social media. This can help to monitor events affecting banking.

  • Predictive Analytics

    AI can be used to create predictive analytics models that help organizations anticipate future events and risks, such as loan defaults or increased demand for certain products.

  • Cyber Security

    AI can help detect and prevent cyber attacks, as well as strengthen security systems by analysing network activity and threats.

  • Automated Customer Service

    Sistemele IA pot fi folosite pentru a automatiza serviciul clienților, inclusiv chat-boți și asistenți virtuali, reducând astfel sarcina pe centrele de contact și îmbunătățind serviciul clienților.

Ergonomics in Control Room

Ergonomics in Control Rooms plays an important role in ensuring the safety, efficiency and comfort of operators monitoring and managing various systems and events. Ergonomic principles are applied to optimise workplaces and processes in Control Room.

Correct positioning and the use of professional screens make it easier to analyse information. Ergonomic chairs and tables ensure correct body support and allow operators to work comfortably during long shifts. Adjustable tables and chairs allow the workplace to be adjusted according to individual needs. Sufficient lighting, both natural and artificial, plays an important role in reducing eyestrain and increasing concentration. Adjustable lighting allows it to be adapted to different tasks and times of day. Noise levels in Control Rooms can be high. Effective noise insulation and the use of sound-absorbing acoustic materials can reduce the negative impact of noise on operators. Ergonomics also takes into account aspects of psychological comfort. This includes organising workplaces that minimise stress and fatigue, as well as providing breaks and opportunities for relaxation.