Automation and robotics for your business


Organising, controlling, implementing and optimising the internal flow of materials, the flow of information and the handling of goods in industry, commerce and public institutions.

Autonomous pallet transport

Safe, non-contact, saving resources. Trust our networked unmanned transport systems with payloads from 425 kg to 1.6 tonnes.

Autonomous small parts transport

Overview of our small guided small parts conveyors (AGV) on rails and robotic platforms (AMR) for small and medium payloads with payloads between 20 and 260 kg and towing loads up to 500 kg.


AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robots) and AGV (Automated Guided Vehicles) are two technologies used in the automation of internal transport in different industrial environments. AMRs are mobile robots with the ability to make autonomous decisions based on advanced sensors and algorithms, allowing them to move in a flexible way and avoid obstacles. AGVs, on the other hand, are vehicles that travel along predefined routes, following guidance systems such as lines of markings or magnetic strips. AMRs offer greater adaptability in changing environments, while AGVs are ideal for stable, predefined flows.

Practical application

Learn how mobile robots are revolutionizing intralogistics in a complex industrial environment. This video presents a concrete case of using mobile robotics at the industrial technology class in Pabor, Germany. Facing challenges such as narrow spaces and uneven terrain, these autonomous robots enhance the efficiency of heavy tasks and optimize workflows, contributing to a significant improvement in operational efficiency and the organization of the production space. Details in the video…