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Software products created within DAAC digital

With an expertise in implementing digital improvement projects in public administration as well as business development projects, DAAC digital has designed, developed and currently maintains software products, along with which clients receive know-how on digitizing processes, communications and other important elements of the organization.

Registry Platform

The main goal of the Register platform is the fully functional implementation of basic, departmental and territorial registration systems for the entire lifecycle of legally significant information based on ready-made technological building blocks in the optimal timeframe.

The main goal of the Registry platform is the complete implementation of basic, departmental and territorial registration systems for the entire lifecycle of legally significant information based on technological units prepared in an optimal timeframe.

The Registry technology platform incorporates the company’s 20 years of practical experience in designing and building information systems for managing state information resources.

The concept of the Registry platform is based on an integrated state information resource system model. This model is a set of three levels of information resources that interact with each other based on principles:

  • avoidance of duplication
  • complementarity
  • integration into the state information space.

Cabinet Platform

The main goal of the Cabinet platform is the full implementation of mass online service systems. The platform implements key requirements for such modern systems, such as:

  • precise identification of the user, based on a set of documents, tools, links, information configured for the user (personal account);
  • historical information on user actions and documents;
  • unified (convenient) user access to online services configured for the user (services, system);
  • an online reporting toolkit;
  • Integration with external systems, including SED (digital electronic signature), payment systems, state departmental resources, etc.

The Cabinet platform pays particular attention to the intuitive and user-friendly interface and the possibility for the user to use the platform from different devices.

System W52

DAAC System Integrator in partnership with the academic community, has developed a unique product in its category – the W52 Platform (a product for sustainable business management). W52 is an innovative solution that encourages the involvement of employees at all levels in the creative process of running a company.

The solution is based on a platform for generating initiatives, which in turn contributes to continuous improvement of business processes.

The software product is based on international methodology, which is designed to accelerate business development. Also pay attention to our 1C products. A more detailed product description is available at

System Doctrina

We have developed a digital platform for efficient knowledge management. Thanks to the platform, you will be able to:

  • Organise the efficient transfer and control of knowledge from company to employee (a specific employee or group of employees);
  • Digitize HR processes for managing (keeping track of) employee knowledge;
  • Create a unique (digital) place to accumulate company knowledge that represents value for the company;
  • Online access to knowledge and online communication between company and employee;
  • Make knowledge management standards an element of your company’s corporate culture.

The Doctrine Platform creates information-technological conditions where learning becomes a type of investment, work experience becomes a kind of asset, and employee loyalty to the company is what the organization should achieve in its employee relations.

Platform Market

The system was created to automate the accounting and rental processes of various facilities, as well as the provision of other types of services throughout the municipality. The system was created to automate the processes of accounting and rental of various facilities, as well as the provision of other types of services in municipal territories.

The administration receives mechanisms for accounting, classification, flexible pricing of retail space and other services provided. There is also constant monitoring of all processes and statistical reporting on the financial component and condition of the rented premises.

Public users are provided with a simple and convenient tool to navigate through commercial spaces, search and select outlets, pay rent and benefit from other services.