Environmental solutions


DAAC System Integrator Environmental Program

DAAC System Integrator always pays attention to environmental issues and is constantly moving towards the promotion of green social projects for environmental protection.

Creation of a comfortable urban environment, expansion of green areas and careful attitude towards nature are among the priority areas of the Company's environmental programs, as thriving parks and squares, well-cared-for green spaces and flower beds contribute to the transformation of any urban space into a “Garden City”.

Environmental solutions

One of the social and environmental projects of the Company is the project implemented since 2021 together with the specialized Institute for the arrangement, landscaping and development of the National Botanical Garden in Chisinau.


This park complex has been chosen by the Company not by chance, as it is one of the largest and most visited park in the country, and is also a great place for visitors to relax.


In addition, the National Botanical Garden plays the role of the “lungs”of the capital, as they purify the air and ensure the ecological well-being of citizens, where you can come to breathe fresh air, take a walk, relax with children in a cozy, calm and aesthetically attractive environment, get closer to nature, feel a connection with it.

With the financial support of the Company, various measures are being gradually implemented to support the development of the National Botanical Garden, including digitalization and smart ecological transformation of the park. For example, as part of the environmental project, in 2021, activities were carried out to purchase and plant seedlings on the site assigned to the Company, with thoughtful planning and design of landscape compositions in terms of aesthetics and tree care.


Also, in 2022, due to the financial support of the Company, the necessary signs have been made and installed on all alleys of the park complex.


For 2023, it is planned to install an electronic information terminal at the entrance to the park, with online access to comprehensive information about the park for visitors. In addition, additional benches will be installed on the alleys of the park for comfortable rest.

Environmental solutions

Due to the transformations and efforts of DAAC System Integrator, the appearance of the National Botanical Garden is changing very quickly.

The DAAC System Integrator environmental program for the support and development of park complexes is aimed at creating a favorable ecological environment in the life of modern cities, which has a positive impact on the health of the population and creation of favorable conditions for life, improving its quality, where ecology, aesthetics and benefits are key criteria.

Environmental solutions

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