Environmental solutions

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DAAC System Integrator’s environmental programme

DAAC System Integrator has always been sensitive to environmental issues and has always promoted “green” social projects aimed at protecting the environment.

Creating a comfortable urban environment, expanding green spaces and respecting nature are among the priorities of the company’s environmental programmes, as flourishing parks and squares, well-maintained green spaces and flower plots help transform any urban space into a “Garden City”.

One of the company’s socio-ecological projects is a project implemented from 2021, together with the Institute for the arrangement, planting and development of the National Botanical Garden in Chisinau.

This green complex was not chosen by chance by the company, but because it is one of the largest and most visited in the country and is a beautiful recreational area for visitors.

Moreover, the National Botanical Garden plays the role of the “lungs” of the capital, purifying the air and ensuring the ecological well-being of citizens, where they can come to breathe fresh air, take a walk, relax with their children in a comfortable, quiet and aesthetically attractive environment, get closer to nature and feel the connection with it.

With the company’s financial support, measures to support the development of the National Botanic Garden are being implemented in stages, including, among other things, the digitisation and ecologically intelligent transformation of the park. For example, as part of the environmental project, arrangements were made in 2021 to purchase and plant saplings in the company’s assigned area, with careful planning and design of landscaping from an aesthetic and tree maintenance perspective.

Also in 2022, with the financial support of the company, the necessary signage was produced and installed on all the alleys of the green complex.

An electronic information terminal is planned for 2023 at the entrance to the park, with online access to comprehensive park information for visitors. In addition, extra benches will be installed along the park paths for relaxation.