System W52

The engine of corporate development

What is the W52 system for

The product offers an opportunity for accelerated and sustainable business development at the expense of the company’s internal reserves First and foremost, this is achieved by involving as many employees as possible at all levels and involving them in the creative development process of the organisation.

Involving employees in improvement processes is achieved through motivation mechanisms as well as game elements of interaction with the system.


Acquire the ability to manage the company’s business processes and the automated drafting of various related regulatory documents (functional responsibilities of employees, definition of required competencies, and selection and appointment of employees involved in business processes).


They benefit from a progressive motivation system that encourages them to come up with ideas and initiatives that will increase revenue, reduce costs and significantly improve their position, while the employee will be able to increase their income and advance their career.

Switch to a new management model

Transform your organisation’s management approach. Involve employees at all levels in the creative process of successful growth. Take control of business process management.

Advantages of the system

How the platform works

Additional functions