Municipal government

Digital development of local government

DAAC digital supports the development of local public administration bodies by implementing digital technologies in their activity which is characterized by increasing involvement of big data processing, integration and electronic communications in two main directions: digital institution and Smart City;

Digital institution

This is where tasks inherent to a public institution are handled and, depending on the level of activity, both basic IT projects (IT infrastructure, public records systems, electronic communications, etc.) and specialised projects are implemented, including >>

  • state registers of local government bodies using the Register platform (created by DAAC digital)

  • intelligent analytical systems on Tableau’s world-leading platform

  • centralised online multimedia management systems – digital management cameras, etc.

  • online mass service delivery systems for the population using the Cabinet platform (created by DAAC digital)

  • multimedia systems for conducting meetings (consultations) with public administration bodies, including video support, voting, etc.

Smart City

As an IT consultant, DAAC Digital helps local governments analyse the state of their information systems, organisational structure, IT and communications infrastructure, and develop a digital development strategy.

As a system integrator, with the support of well-known leading manufacturers, DAAC digital implements projects in specific subsystems of the smart city >>