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Welcome to our robotics and automation page, two fast-growing areas that can add value to your business. DAAC digital is here to guide you in exploring technology solutions that can transform the way you operate. From efficiency and flexibility to optimised ROI, discover how we can make a difference together.

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Optimize material flow and management in internal spaces …


Efficient automatic pallet handling systems…

Autonomous Cleaning

Efficient cleaning robots for large spaces …

Autonomous Delivery

Fast and safe delivery robot for hospitality …

Drone inspection

Efficient and safe way to inspect structures and land. …

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Autonomous Mobile Robots: Expansion (Part 3)

April 10th, 2024|

You have successfully completed the first stages (1, 2) of implementing autonomous mobile robots (AMR) in your intralogistics operations. Now it's time to focus...

Autonomous Mobile Robots: Start (Part 1)

April 10th, 2024|

Automation is becoming essential in the modern logistics industry, where efficiency and speed are critical. Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) mark a revolution in this...