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Digital technologies already drove over 30% of global growth - and this is even prior to the current digitalization era.

The contemporary approach, whereby the state and citizens, companies and customers collaborate as a team, has been recently unclear for our generation. The new world in which we live is too connected, computer intelligence is pervasive, the need for charges is acute, and solutions are increasingly dependent on the data.


The digital transformation team of DAAC digital will work hand-in-hand with you to inspire new ideas and catalyse practical innovation.


Full-Scale Digitalization Opportunities

DAAC digital follows a pragmatic approach combining industrial and technological expertise. We develop a digitalization program, based on the meeting of six key challenges unifying the digital strategy and practice, thus causing a more rapid transition from the concept to action.


Digital Technology Strategy

Make sure that the technologies which you use are in line with your digital strategy forming the basis for your business success.

User experience and marketing

Reconsider your customer service experience to increase their loyalty, to reduce maintenance costs, and to optimize growth.

Digital business design

Imagine stepwise business changes and operating models for mastering of new supply chains and digital cooperation.

Digital organization

Broaden opportunities of your organization and staff so that they could easily and efficiently operate in a virtual world.

Business analytics and data science

Analyze the existing data array of your company and use it for designing of new development concepts.

Management, risks, and compliance with requirements

Protect your brand, reputation, and your customers from violation of statutory or safety regulations.

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The experience of DAAC digital team is based upon the successful design and implementation of information systems of national importance (including state registers and services). This also includes participation in the development of sectoral strategies, modernization and launch into commercial operation of ERP class systems and digital commerce systems, development of business intelligence algorithms and work with big data, engineering design, project execution and technical support of data centers, information security systems and multiservice networks.


Particular attention should be paid to the fact that DAAC digital is interested in increasing the digital knowledge of customers'employees, for whom the team has prepared various training programs. The company also has an authorized Pearson VUE test center (certification of competencies for Cisco, Oracle, Microsoft, etc. courses).

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