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Progressive support for digital development

Digital technologies already account for more than 30% of global growth – and that’s even before the real era of digital transformation began.

The modern approach of the state and citizens, companies and customers working together as one team was incomprehensible to our generation until recently. The new world we live in is highly interconnected, machine intelligence is ubiquitous, the need for change is urgent, and solutions are increasingly data-driven.

The Digital Transformation team at DAAC digital will work with you. to inspire new ideas and stimulate practical innovation.

Opportunities for large-scale digital transformation

DAAC digital takes a pragmatic approach. We create a digital agenda based on six core tasks that combine digital strategy and practices, so you can quickly become a leader in transformation and results. DAAC’s digital approach combines technology and industry expertise to accelerate the transition from idea to implementation.

The experience of the DAAC digital team is based on successful design and implementation

  • information systems of state importance (including registers and state services);

  • participation in the development of departmental strategies;

  • Upgrading and commercial deployment of ERP and digital commerce class systems;

  • developing business analytics algorithms and operating with large data sets;

  • technical design, project development and technical support for data centres, information security systems and multi-service networks.