Engineering Outsourcing

Reliable partner for engineering development

Entrust the processes to specialists

Every business process needs skilled employees. All companies need good specialists, but not all have the capacity to maintain a huge staff. We provide our clients with highly qualified engineering resources at all levels: from IT audit and analysis, development and project management, to testing, training, maintenance and support. Most of our projects started with solving unexplored customer problems and ended with unique achievements in our region.

Our specialisation

Server and storage hardware
Microsoft system software, *nix
Computer networks
Information security
IT infrastructure (cooling systems, power supply systems, etc.)
Self-service banking and information systems
Mobile device repair

Why we are the best

Success is a collaborative effort

Our company partners with a large number of leading equipment manufacturers and system developers worldwide. With some of them, the company has the highest partner status in the country due to the presence of the most qualified specialists in the country.

The IT outsourcing process