1С: Salary and personnel management

The complete HR and payroll solution.

For HR

Full automation of HR processes in “1C: SMP CORP” increases the efficiency of recruitment, assessment, motivation, retention and development of staff.

HR planning

The Human Resources Plan in 1C: Salary and Personnel Management (1C: SMP) allows you to plan the number and costs of staff, to analyse possible options.

For example, an organization needs to increase its sales force by 200 salespeople by the season. In the staffing plan, we will see what staff costs are foreseen:

  • If we have 200 sellers;
  • If we recruit 100 vendors and pay the vendors’ touch-ups and allowances for the season;
  • If we don’t recruit new salespeople for the season, but charge salespeople a 30% bonus on their salary.

Staff planning analyses will show detailed costs for each option compared to current staffing levels.

Viewing the information in charts will allow you to choose the best option.

The staff plan in 1C: SMP allows you to:

  • Planning the number of employees and personnel costs (salaries and insurance premiums);
  • Develop multiple versions of the staffing plan (e.g. optimistic and pessimistic, or minimum, optimum, maximum, etc. etc.);
  • Adjust the number of staffing rates according to the data in the staffing plan.
Job profile

With the job profile, HR gets objective information: what criteria to select staff, what to evaluate, what to train employees on.

The profile contains information about:

  • The job functions the employee performs in the position;
  • requirements for an employee’s knowledge, skills and personal qualities to be checked on entry and handed over to newcomers;
  • dates for the publication of the vacancy;
  • stages and selection tools.

The job profile follows the logic of professional standards.


Integration with recruitment websites (www.rabota.md, www.joblist.md, www.moldovajob.md) is available.

Convenient HR interaction with job candidates and clients in 1C:SMP provides:

  • internal discussions;
  • coordination of selection requests;
  • sending sms and emails from the program according to the templates with attachments (including late);
  • Reservation of meeting rooms and free time in the calendar of the selection participants;
  • automatic sending of letters and SMS to candidates and clients;
  • Client control over the recruitment process for its vacancies.

Analytics 1C: SMP allows you to comprehensively assess the effectiveness of recruitment and staff turnover.

HR sees for each recruitment source the costs and the number of candidates hired and employees who have worked for a certain period of time.

It is possible to analyse staff turnover by subdivision, post, seniority, reasons for dismissal, to compare indicators for different periods and reasons for dismissal according to managers’ and employees’ versions.

If a candidate or previously terminated employee returns, the program recalls the candidate’s work history or reasons for termination.


Functionality adjustment is a list of tasks to be performed when a certain event occurs (hiring, firing, transfer of staff, etc.).

When a job hiring decision is created, the program automatically assigns tasks to employees involved in preparing and adapting the job within the set time limits.

The program shows HR which tasks are critical or overdue and sends a reminder by email. The same applies when creating a decision to dismiss or transfer staff.

After a personnel order for hiring, 1C:SMP automatically generates an adjustment training program for the new employee in the position.

Staff evaluation

Rating submitted by 1C: SMP:

  • Digital interviews with candidates;
  • electronic testing of candidates;
  • 360-degree employee evaluation.

Digital interview is an electronic interview assistant: the questions are always in front of your eyes and the candidates’ answers are recorded with a single click. 1C: SMP evaluates candidates according to uniform criteria and allows them to be compared according to skills and motivators.

Digital interviews with candidates can be conducted on tablets and smartphones running on IOS, IPadOS or Android.

360-degree evaluation – is a method of assessing an employee’s professional qualities by surveying his/her environment: superior, colleague, subordinate, clients, as well as by self-assessment by the specialist himself/herself.

The convenience of 360 degree evaluation in 1C: SMP is that in a single window HR can prepare questionnaires, select participants and respondents, send invitations, monitor the progress of the evaluation, analyse the results, send anonymous evaluation results to participants.

Staff Training

Electronic training in 1C: SMP allows you to:

  • Create courses or upload existing courses;
  • develop tests in 1C:SMP or download them from Excel;
  • Monitor learning with comprehensive reviews;
  • study courses and take tests on the employee’s personal account.

Possibilities offered by 1C: SMP for organising in-house training courses:

  • planning, accounting and controlling training in the context of costs, training duration, number of employees;
  • Announce training topics in the staff office and collect employee feedback;
  • requests from managers for training of their employees;
  • analytics on costs, employees trained and quality of training.

Apprenticeship contracts in 1C: SMP not only prints the contract text from the program, but also automatically deducts a portion of the training pay when an employee is laid off and reflects it on the pay slip.

Staff reserve

The program allows you to maintain a staff pool, select employees to be included in the staff pool according to criteria.

A job profile containing the required functions and competencies can be used to describe the requirements for reservists.

When forming a training programme for reservists, an adaptation programme can be taken as a basis from the job profile.


Staff motivation

To motivate staff 1C: SMP has tools:

  • calculating employee evaluation through key performance indicators (KPIs);
  • grades;
  • employee benefits;
  • voluntary health insurance.

Employee KPIs can be flexibly customised and weighted differently according to company, division or position-specific objectives.

KPIs can be used for different planning periods, depending only on fact or plan and fact.

It is convenient to control the calculation of employee appraisals, the transcript displays a detailed calculation for each of the indicators for the employee’s work period.

Based on the evaluations, the employee’s compensation is calculated monthly on a permanent basis on the payroll or through an award order.

If an employee has had a job transfer, the program calculates the remuneration for each job.

1C: SMP allows you to:

  • Work from scratch or use an existing scoring system based on the factor-point method;
  • Set limits on benefit package, FTP, etc. for notes;
  • Control deviations from established rules;

Employee benefits in 1C: SMP:

  • accrues with your salary;
  • are offered at your choice on your personal account within the set limit or without restrictions.


Employee certification

Control of compliance with the deadlines for submission of mandatory certificates is automated in 1C: SMP:

  • Confirmation of qualification in the specialty
  • Confirmation of suitability for the post

If the company has employees with specialisations who need to periodically confirm their qualifications, 1C: SMP helps to track the documents confirming the qualifications and their validity period, generates reports for certification and records the outcome of the certification. Analyses show when the next certification should be planned. For companies employing specialists who are required by law to confirm compliance with the function they hold, 1C: SMP can form committees, plan the attestation, designate persons responsible for preparing documents for attestation, create the necessary orders, reflect the result of the attestation and the decisions of the attestation committee.

Employee self-service

The personal account is available for employees:

  • Personal data, request to HR to change them;
  • Working hours;
  • Pay slip;
  • Rest of leave and use of leave;
  • Grant diagram
  • Personal benefits
  • Cereri pentru concediu și delegații;
  • Order certificates;
  • Recording employee absences;
  • Publications of educational events;
  • E-courses;
  • Completing questionnaires at 360 degrees.