Analysis, assessment and forecasting of environmental resources

One of the most information-rich objects is the environment. It is multi-component in nature and faces the constant impact of human economic activities. The emergence of serious global environmental changes has led to the need to analyse, assess and predict their dynamics in order to make possible decisions for the further development strategy of society as well as operational tasks for the protection, quality conservation and development of environmental resources.

Registry software platform

The DAAC digital team applies both the Registry software platform for accounting for legally relevant resources and smart management solutions in projects targeting environmental objectives.

DAAC digital pays special attention to water, forests and air (atmosphere), taking into account meteorological and economic indicators.

Our countries, like the rest of the world, are just starting to enter the digital age. All manufacturing companies are starting to move in this direction, but they usually choose only one specific task (application sector). So, for example, companies specialising in software or transmission networks do not produce sensors and vice versa. DAAC digital’s team offers a complete solution in its projects, and the client receives a solution from a “single source”, under a single project management with the necessary professional expertise.

The“Forest Guardians” solution

The solution is to install monitoring devices in trees, and connect them to AI software with the ability to understand the meaning of sounds.

The software analyses the incoming information in real time, and if chainsaw-like noises are detected, large vehicles, gunshots, bird behaviour and other sounds that might indicate possible suspicious activity, it immediately transmits alerts to a central monitoring centre and the application in your phone.

The system operates autonomously, with solar batteries and permanent connection to AI software. The solution allows forest managers to continuously listen in on what is happening and/or get alerts and intervene promptly in case of illegalities.