Examples of projects

A job well done is a real success story of projects completed.

Delivery, integration and implementation of a modern contact centre to replace the obsolete call centre for the national telecom operator Moldtelecom.

Upgrade of the republican network of the National Telecommunications Operator Moldtelecom to 100G. It has become the largest and fastest growing network of national importance in the Republic of Moldova.

Following the implementation of the project, Moldtelecom launched the IP-based digital TV service. The launch of the IPTV platform has allowed Moldtelecom to expand its range of services and meet customer requirements.

Creation of a universal information platform for the completion, transmission and processing of reports submitted by economic agents to central public authorities.

Ensuring control of infectious diseases and epidemiological situation in the Republic of Moldova.

Ensuring the management of the taxpayer’s current account by the State Tax Service and monitoring the relationship with the state budget by taxpayers.

Possibility of online application or cancellation of seizure/restrictions on real estate. Reducing the risk of property fraud.

Record of domestic animals (animal ID). Traceability of the animal throughout its life cycle with precise determination of the owner. Animal health control and veterinary measures.

Centralized maintenance of criminal record data, criminal files and persons, who have committed crimes, other operational documentation information.

The Public Procurement Registry is an automated information system designed for managing procurements.

Within the project, a comprehensive information system was developed that combines four basic registries in the field of education

Within the project, an automatic test generation system was developed and implemented based on pre-loaded individual tasks.

A comprehensive information system for documenting the population of the Kyrgyz Republic was developed and implemented taking into account the functionality of the Registry Platform of the Republic of Moldova.