State infectious disease control system e-Epidemiology

The aim of the project

Ensuring control of infectious diseases and epidemiological situation in the Republic of Moldova. In 2013, the information system implemented e-Epidemiology, being evaluated at a high level and receiving recommendations from WHO experts, was upgraded.

The main objects of evidence of the information system

  • Cases of infectious diseases of both human (individual and collective) and animal origin, which are registered in the system on the basis of documents: paper documents, electronic documents transmitted to the system (from outside) from external carriers;

  • Laboratory tests and their results.

The system ensures

  • Centralised record of data on all cases of infectious diseases in the country;
  • Centralised record of messages about outbreaks in humans;
  • Centralised record of messages about infectious diseases in animals and birds;
  • Forming a single database of infectious disease cases;
  • The operational flow of data to the services concerned;
  • Conduct operational and retrospective analysis of the epidemiological situation.
  • Regular preparation of information-analytical materials for the operational analysis of the epidemiological situation;
  • Regular preparation of analytical briefing materials for executive authorities;
  • Preparation of state statistical records.