Engineering services

Complex maintenance of your business IT infrastructure


Complex maintenance of IT infrastructure


Within the scope of IT outsourcing, we offer complex IT support for your enterprise. Even a short failure in the operation of your IT infrastructure may cause serious damage and loss. Therefore, management of each enterprise shall pay specific attention to the process of IT maintenance and to whether the quality level of rendered services is in line with the volume of resources allocated for system maintenance purposes.


We support and maintain the following:workstations, system SW, network hardware, data storage servers and systems, power-saving infrastructure.


Engineering services


Our specialists are ready to assume all IT support and maintenance liabilities and to render the following services:

IT system audit

Hardware repair

Regular maintenance prevention and monitoring

Software installation and configuration

User consultancy

Transfer of data to cloud environment

Technical maintenance

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We offer basic engineering services as part of IT systems life cycle that ensure the maintenance of the information infrastructure in an effective, efficient and current state for business requirements:


Comprehensive audit of information systems


The subject of the audit is an independent evaluation of the technical infrastructure, organizational structure, business processes, and human resources. The purpose of the audit is to analyze the concerned enterprise for compliance with the international standards and best practice, as well as criteria established by the management.


Designing of infrastructure


Identification of requirements for infrastructure and understanding of the existing and perspective technologies allows making a correct and optimal selection of solutions and products for designing of complex IT systems. Competences in SW and information security domain add specific value. The designing outcome is the first step towards a successful implementation of IT project.


Development of IT systems


Infrastructure update is required for matching the growth of business tasks, amount of data, and communication and user diversity. Opportunities for systematic development of IT systems and security thereof largely depend on quality and characteristics of software and hardware platforms on which they operate


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