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1С: Salary and personnel management CORP

The complete HR and payroll solution.

We offer effective business solutions that are implemented on the 1C Platform. Our company has been a partner of the 1C firm for many years and holds the status of 1C:Franchising.

About the product

“1C: Salary and staff management 8 CORP (3rd edition)” is a program that allows you to build a complete system for the effective management of human resources of a company of any size.

Demo base

Discover the latest features of our database in ‘1C: Salariul și managementul personalului’. Quick and easy access to essential information for effective HR management. Always stay up to date with news and improvements to our system.

Useful information

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Realized projects

1С: Salary and personnel management.

Automation of the staff accounting process, Payroll and MRU

  • Industrial operation from 01.01.2021
  • 250 jobs
  • More than 2 500 employees
  • Integration: 1С: ERP, T24

1С: Salary and personnel management.

First full implementation in the RM, including the module “Human Resources Management”

  • Industrial operation from 01.01.2019
  • Around 4000 employees
  • Over 10 000 individuals
  • Work in three shifts
  • Integration:
  1. sistem de Control Acces (SCA),
  2. employee food planning and management system (our own development),
  3. SAP corporate accounting system.

1С: Trade management / 1С: Retail trade

  • Industrial operation 1С: Retail trade from 01.01.2016
  • 1С: trade management from 01.01.2020
  • 250 jobs
  • 200 trading points
  • 300 000 unique positions in the nomenclature
  • Integration: SAP corporate accounting system

Our Team

Cristina Cristea

Product manager/ Expert 1C: Salary and HR management

Olga Sepelenco

Information Systems Consultant

Elena Dodon

Consultant Junior 1C

Ghenadii Zubcenco

Department Director

Radu Rosca

Senior Programmer

Serghei Curdoglo



“1C: Salariul și managementul personalului 8 CORP. Electronic delivery”

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