Protecting systems, networks against digital attacks

Digital DAAC raises awareness of risks and potential problems related to information security, proposes timely solutions and provides support in solving technologically complex operational tasks.

Our approach to information security issues and requirements is based on looking at the problem from all angles. We help companies and organisations reduce the risk of information security incidents and avoid direct financial and reputational losses. We ensure business continuity and disaster recovery while maintaining the speed and efficiency of business processes. We create truly complex information security systems without fear of complex and innovative tasks.

We assist you through the entire process of creating a cybersecurity system, from initial consultation and analysis to implementation and ongoing management.

  • Secure data transmission

  • Secure management of users’ personal data and single sign-on

  • Network encryption

  • Data encryption

  • Cloud encryption

  • IoT security

  • Application error tolerance

  • User digital hygiene

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