You have successfully completed the first stages (1, 2) of implementing autonomous mobile robots (AMR) in your intralogistics operations. Now it’s time to focus on strategically expanding your AMR fleet and optimising their use to maximise efficiency and achieve significant ROI. DAAC digital offers you the expertise and customised solutions to guide you on this essential journey.

Scaling Strategies:

  • Workflow analysis: Identify repetitive and laborious processes that can benefit from additional automation with AMR.
  • Zone prioritization: Evaluate the areas with the greatest potential for optimization, taking into account freight volume, distances traveled and types of loads.
  • Phased Expansion: Grow the AMR fleet strategically, starting with priority areas and gradually expanding automation to other areas of the warehouse.
  • Fleet diversification: Introduction of specialised AMRs for specific tasks, such as AMR forklifts or AMRs for picking;

Optimising AMR use:

  • Advanced management software: Using specialized software to optimize AMR routes, manage tasks and monitor performance in real time.
  • Integration with existing systems: Connect AMRs to WMS, ERP and MES systems for complete visibility of operations and seamless synchronization of workflows.
  • Data analytics: Using data generated by AMRs to identify areas for improvement, adjust operating strategies and optimize resource allocation.
  • Continuous staff training: Provide regular staff training to maximize the efficiency of AMR use and maintain a safe working environment.

Benefits of AMR Scaling and Optimization:

  • Significantly increase productivity: Reduce order processing time, increase delivery speed and optimize intralogistics workflows.
  • Improve efficiency: Reduce operational costs, optimize warehouse space utilization and reduce human error.
  • Improve customer satisfaction: Improve delivery times, order accuracy and stock visibility.
  • Planning for the future: Adapting quickly to changes in demand, increasing the flexibility of operations and creating a scalable logistics infrastructure.

You’re on the road to automated, high-performance logistics!

Congratulations! You have successfully completed the essential steps for implementing autonomous mobile robots (AMR) in your intralogistics operations. Now you’re ready to discover increased productivity, optimised efficiency and unrivalled competitiveness.

Strategic expansion and optimisation of the AMR fleet is essential to fully exploit the potential of intralogistics automation. DAAC digital provides you with the expertise and advanced solutions needed to achieve your long-term efficiency, productivity and competitiveness goals.

DAAC digital offers you:

  • Ongoing support: We are always available to provide support and guidance to help you get the most out of your deployed AMR solutions.
  • Innovative solutions: We are constantly following market developments and providing you with the latest and most efficient AMR technologies, tailored to your specific business needs.
  • Continuous optimization: We help you monitor AMR fleet performance, identify opportunities for improvement and implement effective optimization strategies.

Are you ready to discover increased productivity, optimised efficiency and unrivalled competitiveness? Contact a DAAC digital expert today and propel your business into an automated future!

Together, we will build the logistics of the future: automated, efficient and effective!

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