1С: Salary and personnel management CORP

The complete HR and payroll solution.

For Personnel Officers

Personnel accounting and office management

“1С: Salary and personnel management 8” provides the HR department with a wide range of opportunities for personnel accounting:

  • registration of employees with whom fixed-term and open-ended labor contracts are concluded, including in the case of remote and seasonal work;
  • registration of hiring and registration of orders on hiring of an employee or a list of employees, registration of transfer of an employee to another place of work, registration of dismissals;
  • changing the terms of the contract and issuing transfer orders for an employee or a list of employees.

The program automates personnel management, including filling in printed forms: execution of employment contracts, hiring, personnel transfers of employees, dismissal from the organization, execution of contracts of civil law nature: work contracts, contracts for compensation of services, author’s orders. Layouts of printed forms can be edited to create your own printed documents, if necessary.

According to the data on movement accounting, you can receive: actual lists of employees as of a specific date with an arbitrary customizable set of details, data on the movement of employees for a selected period, statistical information on the number of employees of various categories, average and average number of employees. This information allows you to analyze the personnel dynamics of the company and individual units (number of transfers, dismissals), track changes in the personnel structure, and identify problems in personnel management in a timely manner.

Management and legal structure of the company

Accounting in terms of not only legal, but also managerial (organizational) structure of the company of any complexity.

Personalized accounting

“1С: Salary and personnel management” stores all basic information about employees, necessary for personnel work, calculation of wages, income tax and insurance contributions:

  • personal data about the employee (full name, date of birth, gender, etc.) and identity card data (passport data);
  • fiscal code and social security number;
  • contact information (phone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc.);
  • information on citizenship, insurance and tax status, data on tax exemptions;
  • disability information;
  • pension status information;
  • education information;
  • information on previous employment history;
  • information on the employee’s various lengths of service;
  • family composition;
  • military records;
  • information on awards, academic degrees and titles.

In the program you can create additional details and information (for example, height, weight, clothing size, etc.), as well as attach a photo of the employee, scanned copies of any documents, such as a resume.

Consent to processing of personal data

The functionality of “1С: Salary and personnel management 8” allows to meet the requirements of the Law of RM No. 133 of 08.07.2011 “On Personal Data Protection”. The program is able to register a number of events, in particular, access and denial of access to personal data, depersonalization of data in the absence of employee’s consent to the processing of personal data.

Probationary period

Operational information “1С: Salary and personnel management 8” will help to control the passage of new employees probationary period of different duration. In case of illness, absence or absenteeism of a newcomer, the probation period will be automatically extended.

Staffing table

The staff schedule in the program is presented in the form of a list of positions.

The mode of staffing table approval by special documents allows to store the history of its changes. This makes it possible to get the staffing table for any past date and analyze unapproved (planned) staffing table.

In the program it is possible to set control of personnel documents for their compliance with the staff schedule or to refuse it.

The name of the position is formed automatically according to the scheme “Position, grade (category)/Department”, but can be changed or supplemented in any way.

The position of the staffing table is characterized by the conditions of work and its payment.

When describing the working conditions for a position, you may specify:

  • vacation entitlement arising from the position;
  • class of working conditions (based on the results of special assessment);
  • arbitrary textual description of the working conditions;
  • work schedule specific to this position.

From the staffing table position card you can go to the list of employees who occupy it. When starting a job, it is easy to fill in the staffing table according to the current staff arrangement.

Maintaining a staff schedule in the “1С: Salary and personnel management” program allows:

  • accept and transfer employees, automatically generating a list of accruals and their amount in accordance with the selected position in the selected division;
  • reserve staffing positions for the employee;
  • for informational purposes, to keep information on the specialties that a staff member must possess to fill a position;
  • when drawing up personnel orders, control their compliance with the staffing table;
  • analyze the compliance of actual staffing with the staffing schedule;
  • in addition to the position, describe the place of work by the grade (category) of the position;
  • for a subdivision to determine whether it has been formed or disbanded, for a position – whether it is included in the staffing table or has already been excluded. This allows you to see only current units and positions in the corresponding lists;
  • generate for printing the unified form “State de personal”, reports “Compliance and analysis of staffing table”, “Staffing table”, “Employment of staffing table” and other printed forms.
Record of labor, working hours and employee absences

“1С: Salary and personnel management” provides accounting of working time of an employee. This data is used to draw up the necessary personnel accounting documents and for further analysis of time statistics and reasons for employee absence from work, for accruals and payments in accordance with the actual time worked.

The program provides opportunities to create and configure various employee work schedules: five-day, six-day, shift work; summarized accounting; part-time work and others.

Regulated national or regional production calendars are used to fill in work schedules. You can create standard and individual work schedules for specific employees.

Deviations from the work schedule are registered by personnel documents (vacation, parental leave, sick leave, business trip, absenteeism, time off, absence for other reasons) and overtime (working on weekends and holidays, working overtime). All types of absences are automatically calculated and taken into account when filling in the timesheet.

When registering overtime, overtime and work on weekends and holidays, it is possible to select the method of compensation: compensatory time off or increased pay. Time off can be registered with a separate order or attached to vacation. Time off and vacation balances are recorded.

Based on the schedule and documents on overtime and unworked time, wages (time-dependent accruals) are calculated and timesheets are generated.

The program allows you to analyze the causes of working time losses, get information about the number of employees who were absent for various reasons for a certain period (for example, data on how many employees are on vacation, how many are on business trips, etc.).

The program keeps records of seniority: general, seniority, pedagogical, “harmful” and others.

Leave accounting

“1С: Salary and personnel management” supports the accounting of leave rights and calculation of leave balances granted to employees in accordance with the legislation of RM, collective and labor agreements. Accounting of rights to annual basic (by default – 28 calendar days) and additional vacations is implemented. For certain categories of employees (persons under 18 years of age, employees of educational institutions, etc.) the basic leave is extended, and the program allows you to set its any duration. This can be done both for a position in the staffing table and for each employee.

“1С: Salary and personnel management” supports the accounting of balances of annual basic and additional vacations. Calculation of unused vacation balances is performed on the basis of the recorded vacation rights of employees and used vacations. The results of the calculation for any employee can be displayed in the form of a statement for any date. The program can not only generate a vacation schedule, but also execute actual vacations and their postponements from the “Schedule” document.

“1С: Salary and personnel management” provides the ability to generate lists of vacations: in the context of divisions and positions, by group of employees, for example, the management staff. Analysis of vacation schedule execution is available.

In “1С: Salary and personnel management” together with vacation pay you can calculate the salary for the days of the month preceding the vacation, as well as material aid for vacation. You can pay vacation pay in “1C: Salary and Personnel Management” together with the salary, with an advance payment or in an inter-calculation period.

Vacation chart

A leave chart is a tool for human resources, managers and employees.

It visually (with different color sections) shows employee leave requests, their approval, leave schedules, their carryovers and the actual use of these days.

This is especially useful for planning if a company has employees whose vacations should not overlap or periods when vacations cannot be granted.

Also the diagram will help to control the requests submitted by employees, their coordination, will show the discrepancy between the plan and the fact of vacations.

Chains of HR documents

Chains of related HR documents will help the HR manager “in one window” to execute substitutions for the period of an employee’s absence, to clearly see who is replacing whom, as well as to terminate fixed-term employment contracts, combinations, etc. in a timely manner when the employee returns from a long absence.

Example of a chain of linked documents

Registration of absences

Heads of departments will be able to promptly register in “1С: Salary and personnel management” the absence of their subordinates for a whole day or for several hours, and control the timeliness of registration of personnel orders and accruals to employees.

In the future, a user with HR rights can automatically create HR documents on the basis of these records.

The program will control the overlap of different absences, and will not record contradictory data.

Recording of statuses of personnel documents

In “1С: Salary and personnel management” you can register the status of original personnel documents to see which documents have been sent to employees for signature, which have been returned, and which have not yet been printed.

You can specify the original state manually, and some of them are assigned automatically. For example, when printing personnel orders and sending them to employees – the program will set the original status as Printed and Sent respectively.

The list of configured states is already present in the program, you can use it or extend it according to the necessary processes of sending and receiving personnel documents.

Military records

“1С: Salary and personnel management” allows:

  • keep records of all categories of employees subject to military registration, those in the reserve, those on special military registration, those reserved for state authorities, local self-government bodies or organizations for the period of mobilization, martial law or wartime;
  • generate reports for military institutions, notices of employment of citizens subject to military registration, change report sheets, applications for reservation, organization record card, and so on;
  • specify information on positions belonging to different compositions of military personnel when preparing information on the number of employed and booked citizens.
Voluntary medical insurance for employees and their family members

More and more employers are insuring their employees and their families under voluntary health insurance programs.

The workplace of a specialist dealing with employee insurance in “1С: Salary and personnel management” will allow you to quickly attach new employees, dismiss dismissed employees, automatically generate and send to the insurance company a letter with a list of employees.

Companies will be able to withhold part or all of the insurance premium amount from employees, the program will automatically calculate the withholding on a regular basis during payroll.

Reporting will allow you to analyze planned and actual costs down to the employee, the number of planned and actual days of insurance, accurate calculation of part-time coverage for newly hired or terminated employees.