New generation firewall

Advanced protection for today’s and tomorrow’s networks

DAAC digital, Check Point‘s Platinum Partner, brings to market the innovative Next Generation Firewall solution designed to provide advanced protection for modern enterprise networks. By integrating the latest threat prevention technologies, this solution offers robust and scalable security, perfectly adapting to the dynamic needs of any organisation.

Advanced Network Protection with Check Point’s Next Generation Firewall

Check Point’s New Generation Firewall provides comprehensive protection for enterprise networks using advanced threat prevention technologies such as SandBlast Zero-Day Protection. These firewalls detect and block threats at the CPU level, preventing zero-day attacks before they affect networks.

With a modular design, Check Point firewalls integrate easily into existing infrastructures, either on-premises or in the cloud. Their ability to scale dynamically enables efficient traffic management and threat protection in networks of any size. The Check Point Infinity architecture provides consolidated and centralised protection for all network access points.

Technical Specifications:

Benefits of Check Point Firewalls

  • Complete protection: Using advanced technologies to block threats before they affect networks.

  • High performance: With up to 63.5 Gbps throughput, firewalls provide protection without compromising network performance.
  • Flexibility: Suportul pentru diverse medii de implementare permite adaptarea la nevoile specifice ale fiecărei organisații.
  • Simplified management: The centralized management platform enables efficient management of complex networks, reducing costs and operational efforts.

These benefits underscore DAAC digital’s commitment to innovation and advanced network protection, giving customers confidence that the solution can meet the complex and ever-changing demands of today’s IT landscape.

As technology evolves and the need for superior network protection becomes imperative, our team is ready to guide you to the right choice. Leave us your contact details and a DAAC digital expert will contact you to discuss how next-generation firewalls can address the unique specifics and challenges of your business.