Cisco Networking Infrastructure

Next-generation networking technologies for a connected future

DAAC digital, a leader in IT system integration, is committed to providing innovative and efficient networking infrastructure solutions based on Cisco‘s cutting-edge technologies. In today’s context of exponential growth in technology and continued digitisation, the importance of a robust and flexible data network is greater than ever.

Cisco, recognized worldwide for excellence in networking, delivers solutions that meet the diverse and changing demands of modern business. As a trusted Cisco partner, DAAC digital boasts extensive experience and teams of certified specialists capable of designing, implementing and maintaining customized network solutions for each client.

Adaptability and Performance of Data Networks

Data networks need to adapt quickly to changing business requirements, supporting diverse users, devices and applications, ensuring fast and secure access to resources. Cisco solutions offered by DAAC digital optimize network performance and ensure data security, facilitating business success in the digital age.

Network flexibility is essential to meet challenges and support innovation. Cisco solutions from DAAC digital improve operational efficiency and enable rapid scaling to accommodate the growth of connected users and devices. Our team of certified specialists use advanced Cisco technologies to optimize every component of the network, delivering solutions that not only meet but exceed customer expectations.

Cisco solutions:

Why us?

  • 1

    25+ year partnership with Cisco: DAAC digital has been working with Cisco for over a quarter of a century, providing innovative and reliable networking solutions.

  • 2

    Status as a Premier Integrator and Security Specialized Cisco Partner: With this status, DAAC digital guarantees the highest standards of quality and performance in implementing network solutions, offering advanced expertise in IT infrastructure security.

  • 3

    Cisco certified to the highest level in the country: Our specialists are certified to the highest level in the country, with expertise in the latest Cisco technologies and solutions.

  • 4

    Vast experience in major networking projects: DAAC digital has a wealth of experience in delivering large-scale networking projects, ensuring their success and performance.

  • 5

    Laboratories and demo devices for testing and demonstrations: Features labs and demo equipment for testing and demonstrations, allowing customers to see solutions in action before implementation.

  • 6

    Local spare equipment depot to ensure strict SLAs: To ensure strict SLAs are met, DAAC digital has a local depot of spare equipment ready to be used if needed.

Services Offered

Network Audit

Assessment of current infrastructure and security policies. DAAC digital conducts comprehensive network audits to identify vulnerabilities and propose optimization solutions.

Design and Integration

Development and implementation of network solutions. Our team designs and integrates custom solutions to meet the specific needs of each client.


Recommendations for equipment and platforms. DAAC digital provides expert advice to help clients choose the most appropriate solutions for their business.

Configuration, Deployment and Migration

Implementation of software-defined solutions. Our specialists configure and implement advanced solutions and support migration to software-defined architectures.

Post-implementation support

Maintenance and operational support. DAAC digital provides ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure the optimal functioning of the implemented solutions.


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