Almost a year after the integration of the Earlyone platform at the National Motor Transport Agency (ANTA), it has been a great success. Thanks to the online scheduling service, available since 13 April, ANTA customers can now schedule their visit efficiently and quickly via the mobile app. Thus, ANTA service recipients no longer have to wait in queues and spend valuable time waiting for the desired services.


In an interview with Aleinov Nicolae, Head of the Information and Communication Technology Section within ANTA, he mentioned that the implementation of the Earlyone system allowed for the adjustment of operational processes and a thorough monitoring and reporting of the efficiency of the Agency’s employees within the Public Services Directorate. He also explained that the usage rate of the mobile application has reached 7.5% annually due to the involvement of employees in guiding beneficiaries and promoting the benefits and time savings that can be achieved through online scheduling.


The Earlyone app is available for both Android and iOS operating systems and is simple and intuitive to use. Once they download their free app, users can select the country, city and type of ANTA service they want, then choose the date and time of their visit. To activate their appointment ticket, customers simply enter the code they have obtained into the e-Turn terminal located in the Agency lobby when they arrive at the office.


The benefits of the Earlyone platform are multiple. First of all, this online service reduces waiting time and the flow of people in ANTA’s premises. It also increases the efficiency of the services offered and optimises the appointment process, thus simplifying the customer experience. Moreover, the app will periodically remind about the appointment date and time through push notifications, and users can cancel or reschedule the visit if necessary.


All in all, Earlyone’s integration with ANTA has been a great success, providing customers with a fast, efficient and secure way to schedule their visits. This digitisation of services will further enhance the customer experience in a modern and practical way. The collaboration with Earlyone has significantly contributed to improved internal processes and beneficiary satisfaction, and the increased usage rate of the mobile app demonstrates that citizens appreciate and embrace the possibility to secure a “place in line” at the scheduled time. This success is also due to the Agency’s employees, who have guided beneficiaries towards the efficient use of the Earlyone platform, ensuring a quality experience for all who use ANTA’s services.


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