As part of our ongoing strategy to optimise technical support services, DAAC digital recently successfully implemented 65 NFC readers at Diebold Nixdorf ATMs for one of its clients, a prestigious bank in the Republic of Moldova, in a record time of just 4 weeks. This significant upgrade allows the bank to now offer customers a modern, secure and contactless ATM experience, aligning with current payment trends.

Benefits of upgrading the NFC reader for Diebold Nixdorf ATMs:

Key features of the NFC Reader Upgrade for Diebold Nixdorf ATMs:

  • 1

    Contactless payment compatibility: Accept payments from a variety of contactless sources, including mobile wallets, smart cards and NFC-enabled devices.

  • 2

    Secure Transactions: Our NFC readers are equipped with advanced encryption and authentication protocols, ensuring the highest level of security for your customers’ transactions.

  • 3
    User-friendly interface: Intuitive touchscreen interface and clear instructions make using contactless ATM payments easy for customers.
  • 4

    Remote monitoring: Real-time monitoring and reporting of ATM transactions and device status ensures optimal and efficient operation.

  • 5

    Customization options: Customize the user experience with branding and promotional messages that align with your institution’s values.

In conclusion, NFC paves the way for a future where banking becomes more intuitive, fast and secure. The expansion of NFC services is not just a step forward for our customers – it’s a leap into the digital future of banking, where every interaction is optimised for user convenience and security.

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