In a constantly changing world, BCR Chisinau has demonstrated adaptability and innovation by implementing the Earlyone customer flow management system. This system has transformed the way the bank interacts with its customers, increasing their safety and convenience while significantly reducing waiting times in branches.

In a very short time, the DAAC digital team installed the Earlyone system at BCR Chisinau, immediately improving the efficiency of the services offered. This innovative system has enabled access to branches to be restricted, protecting customers and staff.

As an added bonus, BCR Chisinau opted for the installation of a Samsung Signage TV with vandal-proof housing at the entrance of the branch. It allows for the organisation of queues and restricted access to the bank premises, ensuring a safer and more orderly environment.

Earlyone offered BCR Chisinau customers the possibility to schedule their visits online, thus receiving priority over the live electronic queue. This has optimised the customer flow management process and reduced the time spent in the queue.

In the digital age, adapting to new realities and implementing technological solutions, such as Earlyone, becomes crucial for companies and state institutions. BCR Chisinau has managed to take this step, offering customers a safe and comfortable experience, while the efficiency of the services offered has been considerably improved.

In conclusion, the adoption of the Earlyone customer flow management system by BCR Chisinau is a successful example of efficient customer relationship management. The bank has been able to improve the services offered, reducing waiting times and providing a higher quality experience. By integrating digital solutions such as Earlyone, companies and state institutions can remain competitive and provide a customer experience adapted to new realities, without compromising the security and efficiency of the services they offer. BCR Chisinau, by adopting the Earlyone system, underlines the importance of innovation and adaptation in banking to meet the evolving needs of customers.

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