The passion for digitization is easy to understand – the things you need you can have here and now, so that you have time and effort to invest in what’s really important to you. How about making important transactions, withdrawing cash, replenishing your account or exchanging currency take as long as leaving a message on messenger? How would your money like to keep up with your speed?

OTP Bank delivers the solution: now and through a massive investment in its ATM network, aimed at improving the quality and standards of customer service. The 100 state-of-the-art ATMs recently purchased through business partner DAAC System Integrator SRL are gradually being put into operation. They offer new technical functionalities, a high level of security, convenience and speed in the execution of operations.

For the first time in the Republic of Moldova, cash transactions are processed instantly and the money arrives on the card account in just a few seconds, being available for any transactions, payments or operations, both intrabank and interbank. Speed is one of the main advantages the new OTP Bank ATMs offer customers, with the ability to quickly cash up to 200 banknotes per transaction.

“The world is changing, adapting to new economic and social realities. The speed at which we do things has increased, and so have customer demands. We are following the OTP Group’s push to digitize and modernize the ATM network by installing smart ATMs with functionality such as cash-in, cash-out, and cash recycling. Digital banking brings customers mobility, time savings, personal money management, lower costs and freebies”says László Diósi, Chairman of the Executive Board – CEO. OTP Bank’s strategy is focused on launching secure products and services combined with advanced technologies. One of the bank’s priorities is to develop a self-service banking channel through modern ATMs. This is why cash recycling ATMs equipped with specialised software have been chosen, which will extend the functionality of these devices in the near future. The new ATMs are equipped with the most secure safes. They comply with the CEN 4 and CEN 3 protection standard, block break-in attempts and guarantee both reliability and permanent availability for customers.

Alexandru Savinov, Director of Sales Department DAAC System Integrator, responsible for the development of banking solutions, says: “Our partnership with OTP Bank is not limited here – to the development of a self-service banking channel. We continue to collaborate on various IT-related projects, including the Bank’s core network, IT security and data centres. It’s gratifying to share the same vision for modernising and spreading quick solutions”.

Let’s tell you more about the uniqueness of the new ATMs at your disposal

The new OTP Bank ATMs are equipped with contactless or NFC (Near Field Communication) technology – high frequency wave technology that activates contactless card data remotely, without inserting the card into the ATM, which considerably reduces transaction processing time and the risk of the card being retained by the ATM. With a simple tap of your card on the contactless reader on the ATM, you can withdraw money quickly and securely.

If you’re a technology enthusiast, here’s another piece of good news: with the new ATMs, you can withdraw cash using other NFC-enabled devices that allow bank cards to be integrated: mobile phones, watches, smart bracelets or rings, stickers, etc.

The first customers who interacted with the new ATMs, in addition to their functionality, also appreciated their unique appearance. They are the first ATMs in the country to be industrially painted green by the DieboldNixdorf (Padeborn, Germany) production plant with OTP Bank’s characteristic brand elements.

Together we are taking steps towards a world where speed is driven by friendly technology and performance.

Opt for OTP Bank – the secure bank that is close to your needs.


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