Interview with Denis Vameshu, brand manager of the Earlyone project at DAAC digital

Denis, good afternoon. When you said that we would talk about the Earlyone project, I immediately associated the name with the marketing expression “Earlybird”, when the first buyers of tickets to an event are given discounts to encourage them to start buying tickets as early as possible.

You know, I can even draw an analogy. Earlyone allows its users to “get discounts” on the most valuable resource – personal time.

How’s that?

Earlyone is an electronic queuing system that we supply to the Moldovan market.

And how can she save time?

The strength of the system is that any client using Earlyone will always be first in line.

I hate waiting in lines. So let’s go into more detail from here…

It’s very simple. If it wasn’t simple, it wouldn’t work. There’s a mobile app called earlyone. You download it for free. The app has a list of organizations and institutions where you can sign up first in line. You choose an organization, department and service, then choose a convenient time, sign up and it guarantees you that at that time, with a minimum wait of a couple of minutes, you will be provided with the service you signed up for.

Let’s use a “live” example, it will be clearer that way…..

Let’s take the example of a bank, especially since the leading banks in Moldova have already integrated this service. Let’s say you need to make some operation in the bank. As usual, you come to the bank, get a ticket of electronic queue and wait for your ticket number to appear on the info-monitor. Does this procedure sound familiar?

A familiar procedure and a personal record. I wanted to pay a speeding ticket quickly and sat in line for exactly 60 minutes. I couldn’t stand it and went to another bank branch.

If you were using Earlyone, this situation would not be possible. When you have an entry in Earlyone, for example, for 14 hours, you have to come to the bank a little earlier, at least for a few minutes. On the spot you do a check-in to activate your Earlyone entry. After that you get priority in the electronic queue system and your number on the ticket will be displayed as soon as possible, no matter how many people are in the “normal” electronic queue.

Couldn’t there be a queue of queue mobile Earlyone sign-ups? How many people will sign up for the same time at the same bank branch?

The system keeps track of all this. It operates on data about the number of operators, their workload and, therefore, will not record more than a certain number of people for a certain time. And then it will close this time for recording, and you will already sign up based on the available slots. But when your goal is to minimize time lost in the queue, you will plan your day in advance so that you don’t waste time waiting.

Sounds very appealing. And for me, as a customer, is this app always free?

That’s right.

Then where can I already save time? Which organizations are already connected to Earlyone?

We entered the market by connecting Orange to this service. Now there are nine organizations in the application – maib, BCR, EuroCreditBank, FinComBank, Moldtelecom, Agenția Națională Transport Auto (ANTA), Bureau for Migration and Asylum (BMA), National Employment Agency (ANOFM), and now we are connecting the Municipal Hospital and the Single Window of the City Hall in Balti.

DAAC digital is the developer of the app?

No, we represent on our market the innovative development of the Armenian company Earlyone. Its solutions operate on the market of several countries, we are their official representatives in the Republic of Moldova.

That I – as a customer – am winning thanks to Earlyone, I can already see. Time. What are the benefits for businesses and organizations that connect to Earlyone?

First, an enterprise or organization emphasizes its customer orientation in deed rather than in words. This is both a competitive advantage and an indicator of corporate culture, that the interests of the client are not just declared in words. But there is another advantage that organizations that have joined Earlyone receive.

Which one?

Serious management analytics. Earlyone does a lot of “trackers”. Thanks to our analytics, we can understand how long this or that employee has been working, what “tickets” he or she has taken, how long he or she has served clients for. This is a very powerful tool for increasing staff efficiency and personnel management.

What are your own analytics? What are Earlyone’s current user statistics in the country?

Total number of downloads – 28645. Active users – 2500 people per month. So, if we save each of them, on average, 20 minutes of standing in line, we give our customers 800 hours of free time every month.

Listening to you, I would advise you to go out with your Earlyone service offering to some mass market to “hook” as many people as possible and make the service truly mass market.

We are already working on this. Based on the experience of our Armenian colleagues, we are now considering a plan to enter the beauty services market in Moldova. It is a mass market, and the system for recording clients in most salons and masters is still extremely simple – “call me or write to me in messenger”. For the client it is not always convenient. The master may be busy, the master may not call all the free “windows” for recording, and you will sign up not at the optimal time for yourself.

Wait. So Earlyone isn’t just for getting first in line? The application is also suitable and just for organizing customer records in any business, even a small one?

That’s right. Even if you work independently, Earlyone will be convenient for you. If there are several masters in a beauty salon, it is easier for the salon owner to organize the work and the clients will be satisfied.

On what principle is Earlyone paid by enterprises and organizations that have joined it? By the number of records?

No. The number of entries can be any number of entries. This is only a subscription fee for connection.

I propose an interaction option. When Earlyone installs the first beauty salon in Moldova or the first master, order an interview with me for him as a gift. Every good service needs promotion.

We’ll think about your suggestion…..

Pavel Zingan


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