At the Fintech Moldova Conference 2023 on October 6, DAAC digital, in collaboration with BS2 and Sargent and Greenleaf, is poised to present a new era of ATM solutions. The spotlight will be on the integration of QR-Pay and A-Series e-locks on the latest model of DN ATMs. The QR-Pay feature, a product of BS2, facilitates contactless transactions, allowing users to withdraw cash via scanning a QR code generated through a bank’s mobile application. This not only simplifies the transaction process but significantly enhances the safety and speed of cash withdrawals. On the other hand, Sargent and Greenleaf’s A-Series e-locks provide a robust two-factor authentication system, ensuring heightened security at the ATM. The e-locks allow for secure access control with a one-time code system, minimizing the risks associated with unauthorized access and flexibility for CIT. These technologies are set to be demonstrated on a demo DN 200H Recycler ATM model, giving attendees a practical view of how these solutions optimize ATM operations, bringing about a seamless blend of security, convenience, and modernization to banking transactions. The showcased DN ATM model will also feature the cutting-edge ProFlex4 software by Diebold Nixdorf, designed to enhance the adaptability and responsiveness of self-service networks. With these innovations, DAAC digital aims to broaden the horizon of what’s possible in the Moldovan fintech landscape, emphasizing a proactive approach to adopting modern security and user-friendly solutions. The demonstration beckons a significant stride towards a modernized banking experience in Moldova, positioning DAAC digital, along with its partners, as key players in fostering fintech advancements. Banks and financial institutions interested in enhancing their ATM channels are encouraged to engage with DAAC digital for a comprehensive consultancy on deploying these solutions. As a long-term service partner, DAAC digital provides comprehensive IT services ensuring seamless integration and ongoing support for these advanced solutions. Our service center is dedicated to aiding financial institutions in harnessing the full potential of modern ATM technologies to significantly improve the customer experience. Visit our IT Service Center for more details or contact us to explore how these innovations can revolutionize your

ATM channel.

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