DAAC digital and Prometheus S.A., recognizing mutual significant achievements, are proud to announce the cooperation in the distribution and joint development of Prometheus Systems based on the Prometheus H2 Hybrid Drone Platform.

About Prometheus:
Prometheus S.A. , founded in Poland in 2019, manufactures and sells Prometheus Systems based on new-generation UAVs*: Prometheus H2 Hybrid Drone Platform for professional applications in areas related to:

  • Rescue,
  • Security,
  • Inspections (like linear assets, etc.),
  • Digital transformation.

Prometheus’ Systems effectively support scenarios wherever the time to access the information, the effectiveness of assisting, and the digital transformation of the airspace are significant.

About DAAC digital:
DAAC digital, a renowned leader in IT solutions in the Republic of Moldova, Uzbekistan, and Romania, has recently expanded into robotics. Established as part of the DAAC group, the company excels in:

  • IT Consulting,
  • Data Analysis and Management,
  • Custom Software Development,
  • Cybersecurity and Data Centers.

With over 25 years of experience in technological innovation and a team of internationally certified experts, DAAC digital commits to empowering digital transformation across various sectors. The company’s forward-thinking approach aids in digitalizing societies and enhancing the success of its business partners.

The collaboration between DAAC digital and Prometheus S.A. is particularly significant for the Republic of Moldova, marking a major advancement in the region’s technological capabilities. By integrating Prometheus’ innovative H2 Hybrid Drone Platform with DAAC digital’s expertise in IT and digital transformation, this partnership aims to bring state-of-the-art UAV technology to various sectors within Moldova. It represents not only a stride in technological progress but also a commitment to enhancing critical services like rescue operations, security, and asset inspections, all crucial for the country’s development and digital transformation journey.

For more information, we recommend you to visit the page: https://daacdigital.com/en/directions/robotics/applications/drone-inspection/

*UAV – unmanned aerial vehicle

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