Development of a solution to ensure an increased level of physical security of an ATM network

The aim of the project is to:

  • Remote, real-time control of the security system
  • Ensure photo-video capture based on transaction events
  • Archive with filtering and search based on events, card data, alerts
  • Prevent vandalism and theft with real-time alerts
  • Management of customer complaints and requests by documenting transactions

Stages of realisation:

  • Infrastructure investigation and solution implementation planning
  • Installation of cameras and video capture equipment
  • Installation of agents on ATMs and server in the Bank’s network
  • Setting agent and server parameters according to project requirements
  • Preparation of the project technical documentation set
  • Technical support
  • Optimise the functioning of the solution based on user feedback

Project implementation:

From the outset, all ATMs in the project were equipped with 1 portrait camera and the outdated ATMeye 1.1. version which could not be remotely controlled and was only intended for photo capture.

At the planning stage, it was decided:

  • Equipping the ATMs with 2 more cameras

Cash issue area – for capturing banknote collection events Hidden camera (pinhole type) – for capturing images in case the perpetrator knows the location of the main portrait camera

  • Upgrade to ATMeye.iQ version 1.1.3 and connect all ATMs to a centralized server.

1. Room in the area of the cash issue 2. Portrait room 3. Hidden camera

Given that the ATMeye.iQ solution possesses an imposing volume of possibilities and options, the implementation plan of the functionalities necessary to achieve the project’s goal was established. These have been divided into three main phases:

  • Physical installation work and photo (video) capture restoration. This eliminated the period when ATMs were not secured.
  • Centralised management. ATMs have been connected to the server. Based on tests on a pilot ATM, the settings were distributed to the whole network.
  • Centralised adjustment of parameters.

The installation work was carried out for 40 working days, at the same time as the ATM profiling work. Thanks to this, the downtime, transport costs and Bank staff time were reduced.

Implementation results:

  • Achieving the required level of security of the ATM network
  • Increase productivity of working with customer complaints
  • Reducing the demand on the Cards Department to work with the MIA in cases of fraud
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