System Doctrine

Management of company standards and knowledge

Why the Doctrine is necessary

Standards and knowledge are the most important non-tangible asset the company already uses Improved standards and new knowledge are the key tool for company development Doctrine is a digital system for continuous development.

Management controls company processes and employees through standards and knowledge in the form of rules, regulations, orders, instructions and other documents. Effective management of this company resource and its continuous development, compliance with standards by all employees and the provision of the necessary knowledge – all this is a source of effective competitive advantage for the company.

How are standards and knowledge structured and kept up to date?

Typically, organisations’ knowledge is stored in printed documents or folders on servers, in emails, archives, etc.

How do we ensure that the signature is not just a formality?

Usually, the employee receives knowledge in documents and signs that he/she has taken cognisance of the information.

How to effectively manage standards and knowledge in the organisation?

Knowledge management processes in the company are usually in the background. We will help you use them consistently and effectively.

System tasks

Manage standards and knowledge effectively

Use our platform to make sure that all your organisation’s standards and knowledge are passed on to your employees and maximised by them.

Advantages of the system

How the platform works

Integration with internal systems