Main purposes:

The system is designed to centrally store criminal record data, criminal files and offenders, other operational documentation, search and forensic information and to provide common access to data for the execution of search, documentation and statistical requests.

The project was also developed for the following purposes:

  • Ensuring efficient, sustainable and safe operational law enforcement information service work based on modern technologies and software products;
  • Ensure information interaction with other state information resources;
  • Unification of existing MAI record-keeping systems into a single centralized MAI information storage base;
  • Providing access to the centralized database directly from the workplaces of MAI employees, as well as employees of other organizations, who have obtained, to the extent necessary, access to information;
  • Integration of information by record objects (person, transport, weapons, etc.).

Services provided within the project:

  • Drawing up the specifications;
  • Oracle DBMS development;
  • Adaptation of the IS (individualization and application development, component integration);
  • Data Centre creation (delivery, installation and maintenance);
  • Training of administrators;
  • Support and maintenance services.
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