Chișinău-Gaz SRL and the 11 regional gas distribution companies, leaders in the gas industry in the Republic of Moldova, have implemented the 1C: Payroll and Personnel Management 8.3 solution. The project HR Automation with 1C at Chisinau-Gaz SRL and regional companies was designed to optimize HR management and payroll processes, adapting the standard functionality of the software to the specific requirements of the gas sector.

Project Description:

  • 1

    Project: HR automation with 1C at Chisinau-Gaz SRL and regional gas distribution companies

  • 2

    Description: Using standard functionality and additional developments for specific customer requirements in the gas industry

  • 3

    Industrial operation: 01.10.2020

  • 4

    Number of employees: Approximately 6000

  • 5

    Integrate external systems: 1C: ERP

To learn more about 1C: Salary and personnel management, please visit the product page.

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