Retail and self-service

A new level of customer relationship


Digital systems and services when doing business with the customers


Leaders in the customer service domain outperform the market by 27%


Digitalization presupposes not only an implementation of all digitalized processes and information, but also a change in relations between the product and service suppliers and their customer. It implies that suppliers participate in the handling of the customer tasks, and customers participate in the handling of the suppliers’tasks.

DAAC digital not only understands the origins of such digital development of society and economy, but also which means are required to maintain such development.


Portfolio of offered solutions includes as follows:

- Consultancy in analysis of customer data and behavior

- Personal page SW

- Integration with CRM systems

- Multiple channel contact center

- Customer order processing system


At recent initial digitalization stage, the effective solutions also involve the application of IT solutions in customer servicing in retail and in branches:

Cloud Queue Management Platform

Cloud queue management platform with mobile Earlyone application. Optimization of customer service traffic, reduction of waiting time, and analysis of staff load.

Digital signage

is a contemporaneous mass-point communication medium emergence of which became possible due to consolidation of technologies and new business models. Complex projects through the unified system of flexible and prompt notification of visitors at the right time and place are implemented in partnership with Samsung.

Customer behavior analysis

based on 3D video surveillance Axper platform. Execution of the plans of responses to behavior achievements, integration with other information systems, provision of relevant data for business intelligence systems.

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Digital self-service systems are effective in multi-channel customer servicing, which requires ensuring the 24/7, all year around availability of bank, provider, and retailer, and etc. services at the confluence of physical and digital presence.


Having started this direction in 2003, DAAC digital, as a constant partner of DieboldNixdorf and other manufacturers of self-service products, offers:

  • ATM - automated telling machines with cash out, cash in, recycler, coin, and cardless options
  • ADM - automated depositary machines
  • ATS - automated teller station
  • Payment kiosk - ordering and payment terminals
  • Self-service device network monitoring and video surveillance systems
  • Automated depositary safety vaults

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