Municipal government

Digital development of local public administration authorities


DAAC digital supports the development of local public administration authority by introducing digital tools and enhancing the involvement in working with big data, integration and online communications in two main directions:as a public administration authority and as a smart city.


Local public administration authority


Here, tasks inherent to a state organization are solved and, depending on the scale of activities, both basic IT projects (IT infrastructure, accounting systems, online communications, etc.) and specialized ones are implemented, including

state registers of public administration authorities using the Register platform made by DAAC digital

systems of mass online services for the population using the Cabinet platform made by DAAC digital

intelligent analytics systems on the world's leading Tableau platform

multimedia systems for holding meetings (consultations) of public administration authorities, including video support, voting, etc.

multimedia systems of centralized online control - digital control rooms

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Smart city


As an IT consultant, DAAC digital helps the municipality to analyze the state of information systems, structure of organization, IT and communication infrastructure, and to develop a digital development strategy.


As a system integrator with the support of well-known leading manufacturers, DAAC digital is ready to implement projects in individual smart city subsystems:


Infrastructure: Lighting, traffic, parking, charging of electric vehicles, etc.


Social area:Medicine and health, safety and security


Intelligent systems:Central control with intelligent analytics, automation of facilities, business centers, digital identification and authorization systems


Environment:Waste, air quality, climate change, sewerage, water supply


Living and household conditions:Rent and access, cultural events and leisure


Public environment:Portal and mobile application for citizens and suppliers of services and information


You can find out more details about digital services and products by contacting us. We also have extensive experience in working with the banking and financial sector.

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