Automated Information System Public Procurement Registry

Project Description

The Public Procurement Registry is an automated information system designed for managing procurements.

The objectives of this system are

  • Compiling information on public procurements;
  • Automating procurement processes;
  • Automating interactions in the tender implementation process;
  • Providing reliable information on public procurements for government bodies, legal entities, and individuals.


  • Oracle DB Server, Oracle Unbreakable Linux, JBoss

Services Provided

  • Development of technical specifications;

  • Development of the IS (Information System);

  • Adaptation of the IS (individualization and application development, component integration);

  • Configuration and support of the Data Processing Center;

  • User and administrator training;

  • Service provision through a Call Center;

  • Informational support and technical maintenance;

  • Project monitoring and reporting.