Information System of Crime Recording for the MIA of Moldova

Main objectives

The system is designated for centralized storage of data of crimes, criminal cases and persons who have committed crimes, other information of operative documentation, search and forensic actions, and ensuring common access to data for executing requests of search, documentation and statistics.


The project was also developed for the following goals:

  • Ensuring effective information, sustainable and risk-free operational service activities of law enforcement based on modern technologies and software;
  • Providing informational interaction with other state information resources;
  • Unifying the existing record systems of the MIA in a single centralized base for storing information of the MIA;
  • Providing access to the centralized database directly from the workplaces of employees of the MIA, as well as of employees of other organizations who received, as required, access to information;
  • Integrating the information on recorded objects (person, vehicle, weapon, etc.).


Services provided under the project

  • Development of technical specifications;
  • Development of the information system based on Oracle DBMS;
  • IS adaptation (individualization and application development, component integration);
  • Creation of the Central Data Processing Center (delivery, installation and maintenance);
  • Training of administrators;
  • Support and maintenance services.

Application for vacancy

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Select a vacancy
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