Taxpayer Current Account Information System

Project objective

Ensuring the management of the taxpayer’s current account by the State Tax Service and monitoring the relationship with the state budget by taxpayers.

System components

  • The single portal ensures that users are authorised to access the system.

  • Internal portal of the Taxpayer’s Current Account system (provides tax inspectors with broad possibilities to analyse the data processed by the system, taxpayers – possibility to view data on their transactions in various sections and generate certificates of non-payment of debts to the budget, Fiscservinform system administrator – possibility to upload and process data from external sources into the system).

  • Electronic services of the Government of the Republic of Moldova:M-Pass (user authentication service), M-Sign (RM digital signature service)

Advantages of implementing the system

  • Significant increase in the operationality of data collection and processing.

  • Extensive analytical capabilities.
  • Ensure transparency of information and minimise bureaucracy.
  • Ability to control debts to the state budget.