25 March 2022

Fintech Conference "Digital Transformation for Financial Institutions"

Digital transformation in the field of finance and best practices in this field both in Moldova and abroad were the main topics addressed at the Digital Transformation for Financial Institutions Conference organized by Fintech Moldova.


Digital DAAC as the Gold Partner of the event reports the speech "Phygital (Physical + Digital) Customer Experience". The speech was given by Gevorg Safaryan CEO, Earlyone, recounting the need to provide services in line with customer expectations and the positive impact of implementing electronic line solutions with the possibility of reserving a place to benefit from the necessary service. In the age of increased digitization of services and one-click access to receive the service, some customers prefer a physical visit to the headquarters to one that offers increased security. Time being the most valuable resource requires maximum efficient management, by implementing the Earlyone solution, you can ensure the high quality of services for your customers and save waiting time in line which will increase your degree of loyalty.


Gevorg Safaryan CEO, Earlyone is a serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in business process automation. After spending more than 12 years in the high-tech industry, the main goal was to create a solution to improve customer service supported by niche knowledge in the field. As a result, the Earlyone team now has extensive experience working with banks, telecommunications, healthcare, and government organizations in more than 10 countries.


After the link, find out more about the Earlyone solution, which saves your customers time by booking a place in the mobile app.


If you do not use Earlyone yet, we urge you to download it (QR scan) to save time with connected partners:MAIB, BCR, Eurocreditbank, ANOFM, BMA, ANTA.


Fintech Conference 'Digital Transformation for Financial Institutions'

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