27 March 2023

Denis Vameșu. Earlyone saves 800 hours per month for its users in Moldova


Denis, hello. When you mentioned that we would be discussing the Earlyone project I immediately thought of the marketing phrase "Earlybird", when the first ticket buyers for an event receive discounts to encourage early ticket purchases.


I could even make an analogy. Earlyone allows its users to get discounts for the most valuable of resources - their personal time.


How so?


Earlyone is a customer flow management system we offer for the Moldovan market.


How could it save time?


The strength of the system is that any customer using Earlyone will always be first in line.


I hate standing in line. So, let's talk in more detail from here...


It's very simple. If it was complicated, it wouldn't work. There's a mobile app called Earlyone. You can download it for free. The app has a list of organizations and institutions where you can sign up first in line. You choose the organization, venue and service you want, select a convenient time, then schedule yourself. This guarantees that at that time, with a wait of a few minutes maximum, you will be offered the service you are registered for.


Let's take a concrete example, so it will be easier to understand...


Let's take a bank as an example, especially since the top banks in Moldova have already integrated into this platform. Suppose you need to carry out a certain banking transaction. Typically, you go to the bank, get a ticket in the electronic line and wait for the ticket number to appear on the info-monitor. Sound familiar?


It's a familiar procedure, but it's also become a personal record. I wanted to pay a speeding ticket quickly, but had to wait in line for 60 minutes. I couldn't take it anymore and decided to go to another branch of the bank.


If you had used Earlyone, this situation would have been impossible. When you have an appointment in the Earlyone mobile app, for example at 14:00, you need to arrive at the bank shortly beforehand. On the spot you check in to activate your electronic appointment in Earlyone. Afterwards, you will be given priority in the e-row system and your ticket number will be displayed as soon as possible, regardless of how many people are in the "regular"e-row.


Is it possible to form a mobile appointment queue? How many people can make an appointment at the same time in the same bank branch?


The system monitors the number of operators, and their workload, and will therefore register a limited number of people for a given time. After that, it will close that slot and you will only be able to make an appointment according to the available slots. When your goal is to waste as little time as possible in the queue, you will plan your day in advance so that you don't waste time waiting.


Sounds very attractive. For me, as a customer, this app is always free?


Yes, exactly.


Where could I save time? Which organisations are already connected to Earlyone?


We entered the market by connecting Orange to this service. Currently, we have nine partner organisations in the application - maib, BCR, EuroCreditBank, FinComBank, Moldtelecom, National Motor Transport Agency (ANTA), Bureau for Migration and Asylum (BMA), National Employment Agency (ANOFM). We are also in the process of connecting the Municipal Clinical Hospital and the One Stop Shop of Balti City Hall.


Is DAAC digital the app developer?


No, we distribute Earlyone's innovative solution from Armenia on our market. Their solutions are used in several countries and we are their official representative in the Republic of Moldova.


What I gain thanks to Earlyone - as a customer, I can already see - is time. What are the benefits for businesses and organisations that connect to Earlyone?


This is a competitive advantage, but also an indicator of corporate culture, which shows that customers'interests are not just stated verbally. However, there is another advantage that organisations can gain by connecting to Earlyone.


Which one?


Serious management analysis. Earlyone performs a series of "trackere". Through our analysis, we can understand how long a particular employee has worked, what "tickets"they have received and how long they have served customers. This is a very powerful tool for increasing staff efficiency and managing organisational resources.


What are your tests? What are the usage statistics does Earlyone have in the country at the moment?


The total number of downloads of the mobile app is 28645 and the number of active users per month is 2500. Therefore, if we save each user on average 20 minutes of waiting time, we give our customers 800 hours of free time each month.


I would suggest that you introduce Earlyone to a wide market to attract as many people as possible and make it a really popular service.


We are already working in this direction. Based on the experience of our colleagues in Armenia, we are now focusing on a plan to enter the beauty services market in Moldova. It is a mass market, and the system of client appointments in most salons is still extremely simple, and not always convenient for clients. The masseur may be busy, may not mention all the "windows"available, and you may not be scheduled at a time that is optimal for you.


So Earlyone isn't just about being first in line? Is the app also suitable for simply organising client appointments in any business, even the smallest?


That's right. Even if you are self-employed, Earlyone will benefit you. If there are several craftsmen in a salon, it is easier for the salon owner to organise his business and the clients will be happy.


How do businesses and organisations that have connected to the platform pay for Earlyone? Is it based on the number of appointments?


No, the number of appointments can be any number. Only the subscription fee for connecting to the Earlyone platform is payable.


We propose a collaboration in which we offer a free interview to the first beauty salon in Moldova or the first craftsman who will connect to Earlyone. Every good service needs promotion and we are here to help them reach a wider audience.


We will consider your proposal...


Autor:Pavel Zingan




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