02 June 2021

DAAC System Integrator promotes digital transformation at the International Conference DIGI BUSINESS ERA

DAAC System Integrator takes part at the on-line International Conference DIGI BUSINESS ERA - THE NEW NORMAL.
The aim of the event was to share the international and regional perspectives about the impact of Business transformation on economy, as well as to share the local and international best practices and experience related to business digitalization of various business processes. Additionally, the event presented information about cyber and data protection risks and their mitigation in the context of business digitization and to understand the existing actions of the Policy Decision Makers with the view to digitization process in Moldova.
DAAC System Integrator, together with our partners btProvider and Group IB, delivered insights on data analytics and information security respectively.
btProvider talked about the most advanced solutions to transform businesses into data-driven companies. With over 10 years of experience in Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, CRM, Big Data, Data Integration, and Data Warehouse, btProvider offers the knowledge, experience, and technology involved in the shift generated by the requirements of digitalization. The main goal is to connect decision makers with a dynamic and agile data culture, to increase business performance, and harness the power of data.
Group-IB experts spoke about the latest trends in the development of cyber fraud schemes in Europe, revealed the essence of criminal activity related to Brand protection and presented solutions that allow you to effectively respond to threats in this area.
Contact DAAC System Integrator directly in order to find out how can we help you capitalize on business transformation opportunities.

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