Apple service

the only Apple Authorized Service Provider in the Republic of Moldova

“digitalservice”, the only authorized Apple service partner in Moldova, offers warranty and post-warranty services for Apple products for more than 12 years under the “Apple Limited Warranty”.

How is warranty servicing carried out?

If your Apple product and/or defect is covered by warranty, the “digitalservice” service center, as instructed by Apple, will perform:

  • Apple product repair or
  • replace the Apple product with a product that is at least functionally identical to the Apple product

Currently, the “digitalservice” service center offers service for the following Apple products: iPhone (iPhone XS and above), Mac (iMac, MacBook, Mac mini), AirPods and iPad, but the list of models is constantly expanding based on Apple’s regional policy.
We service Apple products that are covered by warranty or post-warranty, except in cases limited by Apple (for details please consult the service operator “digitalservice” at +373 22 509 777 or e-mail

Important! Apple may limit the offering of warranty services for iPhone and Apple Watch to the country where Apple or Apple Authorized Resellers originally sold the Apple product. iPhone or Apple Watch services should only be performed by Apple or Apple Authorized Service Providers.

We guarantee that any repair of your Apple product will be completed within a maximum of 14 days, unless the delay in repair was due to other causes not related to “IT Service”.

If your product Apple needs service or repair, the Warranty Check website can help you find out if your product. is covered by the warranty and which service centre to contact.

To check whether your product is Apple is under warranty, go to the warranty verification webpage ( and enter your device serial number. You will be shown product details:

  • Actual date of purchase
  • Telephone technical support
  • Right to service and repair
  • Does AppleCare+ work?

The Service Entitlement information described in the Apple Service Entitlement System applies based on the date of purchase, which is determined by information available from Apple. The accuracy of this information depends on the registration of the product and when it was registered, as well as whether it was purchased from an Apple Authorised Reseller or an Apple Retail Store.

The IT Service Centre also supports Apple’s advanced repair and exchange programs. Follow our Facebook page to keep up to date with the latest advanced repair programs offered by Apple. An Apple product is inspected prior to service to ensure it meets the terms of the Advanced Repair Program. The length of service may vary depending on the type of service and availability of spare parts.

In the event of a failure of your device. caused by a violation of the rules of use of the device or after the expiration of Apple’s main warranty, the IT Service Center will repair the product exclusively with genuine Apple spare parts as soon as possible, as far as possible and using certified equipment.

Also, as part of our post-warranty service, we offer services such as diagnostics, prevention, MacOS/iOS reinstallation, backup and more, depending on the type of device:


  • Diagnosis
  • Replacement: display/battery/base plate/front camera/rear (main) camera.


  • Diagnosis
  • Replacement of all modules


  • Diagnosis

Check prices for servicing devices under warranty with the IT Service Centre managers.

Beware of fakes!

Batteries and power adapters from third-party manufacturers, which are sometimes given as Apple products, can be dangerous due to incorrect construction. By visiting an Apple Authorised Service Centre for battery replacement, you can be sure that a genuine Apple replacement part will be installed. If you need a new charging adapter for your Apple devices, we recommend purchasing a power adapter made by Apple.

Non-original screens can also worsen the appearance of the device and may function incorrectly. Certified Apple Display repairs are performed by trusted technicians using genuine Apple parts.

Before taking your device to the “IT Service”, follow the steps below:

Preparing to service your Mac

  • Before taking your Mac to IT Service, activate FileVault and back up your data.
  • Do you need a backup of your data? if you need to format your Mac during the repair process. Apple, as well as the IT Service Center, is not responsible for loss of data.

Preparing iPhone, iPad devices

  • Back up your device data. iOS.
  • Have your Apple ID password ready. Some repairs require you to delete all data on your device and disable Find My iPhone, which requires your Apple ID password.*

* If you cannot disable Find My iPhone, Apple will not be able to repair your device. This policy is in place to prevent third parties from servicing your device without your permission. If you have forgotten your Apple ID and password, please visit the iForgot website.

You will receive warranty service, including replacement parts, for 90 days or the period specified in Apple’s warranty, whichever is longer. We offer this warranty after every service at Apple or an authorized IT service.