Digitalization of services and management systems


Digitalization of services and management systems


Our states strive to become developed countries with a digital economy. One of the elements of such a digital development is the widespread introduction of ‘smart’technologies and provision of socially significant services that affect the socio-economic development of the country and regions has a special place here:electricity, gas and water supply, waste and sewerage, and recently, they have been supplemented by mobile communication and Internet services.


We offer a range of solutions and services for public utility organizations.

participation in the development of digital strategy

business analytics systems based on the Tableau platform

online public service systems based on the Cabinet platform made by DAAC digital

design and creation of specialized data centers and secure networks, information security systems

digital centralized control systems (dispatching)

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High expertise of DAAC digital in IT solutions for electricity, gas and water suppliers:


  • full-featured resource management system based on 1C ERP
  • engineering outsourcing and technical support for the entire range of customers’IT tools
  • geographic information systems of accounting and dispatching, where DAAC digital acts as a competent system integrator.


You can find out more details about digital services and products by contacting us. We also have experience working with retailers.

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