Self-service and online communications in the field of trade


The retail market remains highly differentiated:there are giants, large chains of clothing, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other large offline retail stores, and there are small online stores and rapidly growing marketplaces. The latter are initially created as IT companies and as for classic retailers - they are also actively digitalizing their processes, recruiting teams and using services of consultants and integrators.


According to analysts, there are now three directions of market development. The first is related to the penetration of retail into all channels of communication with customers, integration of these channels with each other using development or open SaaS tools. The second is the interpenetration of offline and online trading. And the third, the transformation of large retailers into IT companies by using methods of working with data, as well as ‘design’IT solutions to optimize processes and build relationships with customers. All three areas have one thing in common - the higher importance of IT tools and digital data.


We offer a wide range of solutions and services for retail organizations.

involvement in the development of a digital strategy

business analytics systems

products and services in the digital transformation of retail for self-service and online communications

design and creation of specialized data centers and secure networks, information security systems

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High expertise of DAAC digital in the field of IT solutions for retail


  • full-featured trade management system based on 1C Trade and resource management system based on 1C ERP
  • engineering outsourcing and technical support for the entire range of customers’IT tools.


You can find out more details about digital services and products by contacting us. We also have experience in the field of ecology

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