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Professional design and service in the field of IT


The largest engineering center in Moldova


DAAC digital IT Service Center is the largest engineering center in Moldova, with a representative office in Uzbekistan and Romania. It provides complex technological services (audit, outsourcing, support, design and implementation, trainings), and is also an authorized service center of Apple, Dell, Hitachi, APC, Oracle, DiebolNixdorf and other manufacturers.


High-level technical support


The IT Service Center has an extensive structure making it possible to handle a wide variety of technical support requests. It includes specialists from the technical expertise group, system engineers, as well as system architects. They will answer technical questions and help solve design problems, as well as possible installation and configuration problems for server and network solutions, data storage systems, infrastructure, software and information security tools.


Self-service banking support


Special attention should be paid to the group of engineering support for self-service bank and information systems:ATMs, automated deposit safes, POS terminals, payment kiosks, electronic queues, etc. Currently, DAAC System Integrator serves about 1200 ATMs throughout the Republic of Moldova, including the first CINEO ATMs.


Over the years, the company has made significant investments in streamlining its qualifications, which allowed us to provide the highest level of services (Service Level Agreement - SLA) in the territory of the Republic of Moldova. Thus, the response time to the customer's request will last no more than one hour and the recovery time - up to 4 hours. Also for the convenience of our customers, we offer 24/24 service. The level of our services is confirmed by the availability of ATM network, which reached 98.5% in 1 year.


For corporate engineering services, SLA packages are offered up to the 24x7x365 onsite level with agreed response times, solutions, replacements.


The only Apple Authorized Service Center in the Republic of Moldova


Our service provides official maintenance, warranty and post-warranty repair of Apple products. Apple-certified repair and maintenance services are provided based on the ‘IT Service’center, created and operating in accordance with the best international standards and practices ISO9001, ISO27001, ITIL. Apple Company regularly provides trainings for the center's technicians. To carry out repairs, special tools and materials obtained from the manufacturer are used.

We also invite you to familiarize yourself with our smart administration services.

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Opening hours:


Monday-Saturday. 9:00-18:00




Hot line:+373 22 509 777

Address:Str. Calea Ieşilor 10, MD-2069, Chişinău, Moldova.

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