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1C software platforms for business management


Applications developed based on the 1C platform are very popular in the countries where DAAC digital is present due to the best value for money, unlimited customization possibilities and a familiar interface for users.


Our solutions are adapted and allow you to use Web client technologies and mobile application;solutions are updated regularly in accordance with 1C official updates and are supported for the period requested by the Customer.


Sales Management


It is a contemporaneous business efficiency upgrading mechanism for commercial enterprises and public administration. The solution provides an opportunity for automation of all selling processes:management of customer relations, organization of sales process, management of goods and dynamic pricing, order acceptance and follow-up control, procurement planning, optimization of stock, and performance analysis.


HR Management


This solution allows the management of complex tasks related to payroll accounting and the implementation of HR policy accounting for the legal requirements and real practice of business enterprises. The solution also contains such elements as human resource development program, complex incentives scheme, and productivity and performance indicators of human resources.


Enterprise Resource Planning


ERP solution is a unified integrated platform ensuring the automation of all business processes of an enterprise and is designated for large and small businesses. Now, you may take accurate decisions based on key indicators that allow getting the most detailed information in real-time mode.

Given that implementation of ERP systems is an ambitious project, our team for many years applies a “rapid result achievement methodology”, the information technology implementation technology, which allows achieving the expected effects at established levels.

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